Removal/Resignation of Shelley Berman as Superintendent of Andover Schools

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According to the Eagle Tribune (online, April 22, 2018,) Andover Superintendent Shelley Berman recently admitted to the newspaper that he accidentally made public (via an email to the newspaper) privileged and confidential information (guaranteed to be so by the Teacher's Union contract) disclosing the school administration's interactions with an in-town coach and educator.

This action has likely irreparably damaged the reputation, both professionally and personally of this individual, despite Berman's apology, not to mention the apparent violation of a contract.  This disclosure cannot be retracted and could significantly harm the individual's future private and professional matters.

We have lost confidence in Mr. Berman's ability to carry out his duties in a legal, careful and professional fashion and are calling for his resignation, and failing his compliance, for the school committee to initiate proceedings to have his contract terminated.  It will only be a matter of time, based on this and other matters that we feel Mr. Berman has mishandled, before he embarrasses the Andover community again, further tarnishing its schools' reputations and again risking financial injury to the town by way of possible (perhaps likely) lawsuits against him.  His actions are egregious and inexcusable.


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