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Veto the Bill Against Women's Rights

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The financial future of women in Florida is being threatened by the Alimony Reform Bill passed by the Legislature in Florida. The only way to stop the bill is for Governor Rick Scott to veto the bill in the next 2 weeks.  If he does nothing, the bill passes. What many women do not know is that the title is deceiving, not only does the bill remove permanent alimony, it changes time-sharing to begin at a 50/50 schedule.  It fails to include the consideration of the best interest of the child, which is the current legal standard for determining time-sharing (custody). The financial implications are also serious as a 50/50  will also drastically reduce child support, putting many women at a financial disadvantage.    


The State of Florida failed to conduct research on the financial impact of this bill on women in children in the State. You can be assured they failed to do the research because it would show the women and children in the State will become more dependent on financial aid and unable to provide for themselves. 

Even if you are happily married, you know someone going through a divorce and this new law is going to affect their future for years to come.  The divorce rate is approximately 50% of marriages, so you may be impacted by these laws in the future and you can take action now to keep the law the same and allow the courts and parents to determine what is in the children's best interest, not a legislature comprised of 75% men who likely pay child support or alimony.

Contact Governor Scott today to veto this bill. 

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