Stop selling disposable phone chargers!

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TESCO, MORRISONS, CO-OP, CARPHONE WAREHOUSE, RYMAN...These are just a few companies selling an emerging type of extremely unsustainable, disposable, one time use phone chargers. They are encouraging people to throw away batteries which are very dangerous and take hundreds of years to decompose, into landfill.  These PowerHit chargers - as well as numerous other brands selling these batteries, contain lithium ION batteries which is a finite resource.

Shockingly the charger doesn't even charge your phone fully and is just another piece of technology which solves a problem that has already been solved with power banks! These have even been banned in countries such as Dubai! It's ignorant and irresponsible to sell this product.

Producing any product costs money and more importantly in this case, energy, energy which will simply be thrown away after one use. The product also contains other non-biodegradable materials such as plastics which take thousands of years to degrade and is harmful to wildlife and our ecology. The company the make them say that they can be recycled at WEEE recycling centres but even so, it's just a waste of manufacturing energy and no product can be completely recycled anyway. Also this does not stop people from throwing it into landfill. What DOES stop people from throwing it away is banishing it from our shelves completely. For such a small product the packaging is extremely inefficient too.

I'm honestly surprised there aren't laws that prevent people from selling such obvious waste. 

I contacted Morrisons (who didn't respond to my emails after two weeks and numerous reminders) and they claim no responsibility for the product and say I need to contact the company who make them if I am concerned about the environmental impacts. What are they going to say? "OK we will stop making this product because one bloke told us too"? That's why I need you, to sign this petition, to stop them from being sold to the British public and being ripped off, maybe eventually being banned from the UK like in Dubai! 

This is an extremely wasteful way a creating mobile power.