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Petitioning District Attorney, Wayne County NY Richard M. Healy, District Attorney, Wayne County, New York

Richard M. Healy, District Attorney, Wayne County, New York: Prosecute this Animal Cruelty Case to the full extent of the law!!!

Two Amish men, Merlin Schmucker & Jonathan Eicher, murdered 9 puppies and the mother dog, because “they did not sell”. They are obviously running a puppy mill, an outrage in itself, and this is their method of disposal for animals that are costing them money.

Wayne County is historically weak when it comes to pursuing animal cruelty cases, even when the evidence is solid and irrefutable. Too many times, these perpetrators walk away with what amounts to a slap on the hand, or less. This is unacceptable.

Our organization works tirelessly to help dogs that have been abused, abandoned and neglected. The things we see are heartbreaking. Puppy mill operators are among the worst offenders. To them, neglecting and murdering dogs is business as usual, because they see them as a soulless commodity, void of emotion or the ability to feel pain. Reasonable people, especially anyone who has ever owned a beloved pet, know differently. They do indeed feel and love and fear and suffer, just as we do, but are helpless to defend themselves against such treatment.

We urge you to take a strong stand on your prosecution of this case. Please do not lower the charges or allow these men to go back and do this over and over again, maybe next time being more careful to hide the evidence of their deeds. We beg you to prosecute these men to the full extent of the law and to further investigate the conditions in their puppy mill. This story is gaining more and more exposure on social media and people are awaiting the outcome. Eyes are on you, Mr. Healy. Please, take a stand for helpless animals that cannot speak for themselves, and help to put a stop to this tragic practice.

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    Richard M. Healy, District Attorney, Wayne County, New York

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