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I am writing this petition to you in regards to a former teacher that my son had at Strathern Street Elementary.

My sons first day at Strathern was when he was just 3 years old. He was assigned into Ms. Kimberly Lotts’ PALS program. (Preschool for all learners).

I was extremely worried when dropping my son off at school for the first day. As soon as I walked into Ms. Lotts’ class I honestly felt at ease. I was not as worried.
Ms. Lott had such a welcoming presence to her. She was very warm and friendly. My son went right up to her.

Till this day, my son always mentions Ms. Lott. He tells me how much he loved her class and he wishes he could go back to be in her class.

In the going on 4 years that my son is attending Strathern, I have yet to meet a teacher such as Ms.Lott. Every time I would pick my son up from school, she always took the time to speak with me. She would discuss my childs needs, his strengths as well as his weaknesses. She would give me resources on how I can help my son become a better student.

She was always available to speak with. I could come to her with any concerns or comments I would have. Whether it be class related or home related. She always encourages you as the parent that great things are to come of your child. She helps you think of your childs future. She really cares for the well being and success of her students as well as their future.

In the 2 years that my son attended her class, I could tell the type of teacher Ms. Lott is and will be for the future at Strathern.
She has so much passion and dedication for all of her students. I can not say that I have ever met such a wonderful, caring, understanding and patient teacher such as Ms. Lott before. Especially in the Special Education department. It is extremely hard to find such good teachers to care for our special needs kids.

You always think that nobody will ever care for your child the way that you do, but I can honestly say that all that flies out the window with Ms. Lott.

My son in now in Kindergarten, and till this day, I speak so highly of her to everybody I come in contact with. She truly is a one of a kind teacher. My son always looks forward to when he will run into her on campus.

Please help me sign this petition and keep Ms. Lott at Strathern! This is where she belongs! Strathern will lose such an important part of itself if Ms. Lott is no longer a teacher there!! She is a true blessing for Strathern. she will help make Strathern the best it can be.
Thank you!

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