Richard Glover and Sunrise - Correct False and Defaming Statements on Julian Assange

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Dear Mr. Glover,

RE: Interview below at link with False and Defamatory Statements on Julian Assange and Social Media Comments

Social Media Comments below at link

We were extremely disappointed to see your recent interview on Sunrise when you stated serious false and defamatory statements about Julian Assange who is currently in Belmarsh High Security Prison, 22 hours per day in solitary confinement with severely restricted access to his lawyers, and is in poor health.   He is  imprisoned without charge,  awaiting an extradition hearing to America where he faces the possibility of 175 years in prison for exposing war crimes through the criminalisation of his journalism.

This open letter and petition will address, correct and reference response to the false and defammatory statements.  We will also point out some very concerning issues relating to the treatment of Mr. Assange, and some serious questions for all Australians which you did not raise, but could have.

1.You stated that Julian Assange released huge amounts of unredacted information.  That is false.  Julian Assange redacted names from the Afghan and Iraq War Logs.  In doing so, he brought attention to vast numbers more of innocent civilian casualties not officially accounted for.  I would suggest you watch the. FULL video of "Collateral Murder" - not the watered-down version.  It is just one small example of the murder of innocent civilians and some journalists.  I will attach a link for you.

in breach of their contract with Julian Assange, Mark Leigh, of The Guardian, UK published unredacted cables. He and The Guardian have never been charged.

2. You stated that no doubt, a large number of peoplehad come to harm, been put at risk by the leaks. This is false.  An official US Military investigation led by Brigadier General Robert Carr, and provided as testimony in the trial of Pte Chelsea (Bradley) Manning was unable to link any deaths or injuries as a result of the leaks.  Two investigations and reports undertaken by the Australian Defence Force was unable to attribute any deaths or harm caused by the leaks.

3. You stated that you hope that Julian Assange goes to Sweden to face trials for rape. Julian Assange has never been charged with any offence in Sweden. There have been ALLEGATIONS that he engaged in consensual sex without using a condom. Julian Assange remained in Sweden for one month to be questioned.  He then returned to the UK.  Fearing for his safety after threats from the USA, Mr. Assange applied for and was granted genuine political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London under  presidency of Rafael Correa who remains a strong supporter of Mr Assange.  In 2015, a UN working group found that Mr. Assanges status was of being arbitrarily deprived of his liberty. The UN have also made recommendations that he be released free and safe. As Mr Assange had been granted dual citizenship, Ecuador requested that UK security forces assist with safe passage to Ecuador so that he could receive medical treatment.  The UK govt refused to assist although they spent in excess of 13 million pounds on security and surveillance.

The UK govt subcontracted the services of a Spanish security firm called Global St who illegally audio-video taped Mr Assange 24/7 over at least 3 years. This included meetings with his lawyers and doctors.  Global St are currently before the courts in Spain, and have admitted providing all video recordings to the CIA and admitted attempting to extort Mr Assange and Wikileaks.

4.  You stated that Mr. Assange had colluded with the Russians.  This is untrue.  The leak of the DNC cables came from within the DNC, and there is proof of this.  Furthermore, in 2019, a New York State Court ruled that Mr Assange's publication of the DNC and Hilary Clinton cables had been completely within the law and had exposed corruption.

There are so many important issues relating to Mr Assange's case, too numerous to mention here, but I will list some which you could have at least made reference to.

Firstly, the case of Julian Assange would set a very dangerous legal precedent internationally if he is extradited, and more dangerous if he is convicted and sent to prison.

Secondly, you could have made reference to the fact that Donald Trump has strongly lobbied to have American war criminals who have commited monstrous acts pardoned.  Yet Julian Assange may be sentenced to 175 years imprisonment for publishing and exposing war crimes.