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Save John Vinje's Home!

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John Vinje and Lucinda Adams-Vinje bought their home in 2008 for 148,000. Their payment was roughly $1,300 per month on a 30 yr fixed term. It was the 1st home that either of them had ever purchased. John had been an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam war before working for many years as a security officer. Lucinda had a well established 10 year career as a TSA agent at the Minneapolis airport. Lucinda chose the home because she had grown up in the South Metro area and her work is nearby. She also happens to love the house. John says “I’m not sure why, she just loves it.”

If they do nothing they will lose their home in April of 2012. This Air Force veteran and his wife have worked their entire adult life and now stand to lose the only home that either has ever owned.

What US Bank doesn’t realize is that John and his wife are fighters. They, along with a growing number of Minnesota homeowners, have taken a pledge to stand with their community and fight for their home.



You have a higher probability of a good return for your investors if you work out a mutually acceptable

mortgage modification for the home of John Vinje / Lucinda Adams Vinje in Bloomington, MN.


Much more acceptable as opposed to foreclosing and having that house sit empty, susceptible

to deterioration in this northern climate, vulnerable to vandalism, and decreasing in value in this

current, “soft” housing market!


Furthermore, you appear to be defying, if not violating, recent directives from Federal bank regulators

(the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve System) that REQUIRE an independent

foreclosure review.


The purpose of the independent outside review is to determine whether the Vinje’s “may have been

financially injured as a result of errors, misrepresentations, or other deficiencies made during the

foreclosure process”.


We, the petitioners, demand that you:


STOP putting profits ahead of people!

STOP giving homeowners the run-around!

STOP ignoring financially-responsible homeowners who need to modify their mortgages!

STOP devastating our communities with empty homes which decrease the value of surrounding


STOP violating the directives of the Federal bank regulators!

Specifically, we demand that you DO NOT re-schedule a Sheriff’s sale, until such time as someone from

your Home Mortgage division, has met face-to-face with the Vinje’s to arrange a mutually-acceptable

loan modification (unlike the recent one delivered by U.S. Bank).

The seeming corporate bungling, dysfunction, miscommunication, and apparent disregard for customers with your mortgage department is appalling!

It is NOT the Vinje’s fault that a modification hasn’t been worked out, its YOURS! It took U.S. Bank 4-1/

2 months to come up with a proposed modification that only lowers their payment by $97.00!! That is

totally unacceptable!


They have tried their conscientious best to work with the various personnel from your institution. Now, we are asking that your people do their conscientious best to get this mortgage renegotiated!


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