Ban Fracking in Florida

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Fracking is a dangerous method of extracting natural gas, where pressurized water along with sand and a chemical cocktail are pumped underground to. With Florida's unique limestone geology, this practice poses a very serious risk to our drinking water system and our public health. Fracking bans at the local level have already passed in approximately 90 municipalities covering the majority of the state's population, so what is the state waiting for? 

Florida's largest cities, who run on groundwater supplied by the Floridian Aquifer, are most at risk as they do not have a water reservoir back-up like other large cities such as those in New York or California. The speed in which our aquifer recharges is also alarming because if a spill were to occur, we would not have much time to react and the contamination would quickly spread. This means that if a fracking spill were to occur on Florida's west coast, major cities such as Miami and Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast would also experience contamination. 

Please join us in urging the Florida Legislature to secure our water sources by passing a statewide ban. The time is now!