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Stop the "Wait Pool" system which blocks students from starting school

With their antiquated, restrictive "Wait Pool" system SFUSD prevents any student who is not assigned to a school (IE incoming Kindergarten, Middle and High School students) from starting school with the rest of the school population. Enrollment is sometimes delayed as long as three weeks. This means Students miss important events ("welcome to school", trying out for athletics, class and locker assignments), and jeopardizes key transition periods, which can determine future academic success. In addition parents of said "Wait Pooled" students most certainly have to lose time from work, or pay additional income for child care. This puts a burden on the family and the community at large. This is inexcusable, and there is no reason SFUSD can not reform their system so that all children can start school at the same time. Please join me in sending a message to the SFUSD that we as parents will no longer put up with this system.

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  • Superintendant of San Francisco Unified School District
    Richard Carranza

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