RNSFC seeks additional PKA Class to satisfy the community demand

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Riverdale Nursery School and Family Center (RNSFC) is about to conclude its first year with a PKA class. Our PKA class has received rave reviews from the families attending. Our Department of Education Consultant has stated, "Walking into this school is like walking into heaven." After families heard about our PKA class, many requested tours of our school with a particular interest in the PKA class. Approximately 165 families listed our school as a choice for placement in the PKA class for their child. At least 50 families requested RNSFC as their first-choice placement.
Because of the strong interest in our school and the success of the initial class, in September 2017 we applied for an additional PKA class for the 2018-2019 school year. We have not yet received a definitive answer from the DOE regarding the new class despite numerous calls and e-mails from our staff. Nevertheless, we are interpreting the lack of response to mean that we were not granted the additional class. Besides significantly affecting the financial stability of RNSFC, families who did not receive their first choice placement with us have expressed extreme disappointment. Riverdale Nursery School and Family Center offers a high-quality, inclusive preschool education to children in all of its classes. Given that there is ample demand for PKA seats at RNSFC it seems only fair and reasonable that we would be given the opportunity to conduct an additional, high-quality PKA class.
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