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Stop the subsidy for Buzzard nest destruction.

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The Buzzard is an indigenous protected bird of prey that is about to be persecuted by DEFRA subsidy. It is supposedly to protect a tiny fraction of the game bird poults [juvenile birds] bred in the UK by destroying buzzard nests. The game birds are mainly pheasant, introduced to this country to be slaughtered by shooting, in their hundreds of thousands for 'sport'.
An independent study carried out by ADAS (an independent consultant), commissioned by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, found that on average, 1-2% of pheasant poults released were taken by birds of prey. It found 45% of poults released were shot, with the remainder dying as a result of other factors, such as road collision and disease, or surviving to join the feral population. The study therefore concluded that losses to birds of prey were negligible compared to other much greater causes of loss. It found the financial cost of "average" bird of prey predation to a shoot releasing 1,000 poults per year, would be just £30.
This DEFRA subsidy and the actions it is condoning are unresearched and unjustifiable.
Please sign for the protection of this magnificent bird of prey, to get the subsidy removed and the destruction stopped.

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