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Reinstate the valued benefits of the SkyMiles program(esp. Diamond tier) and communicate and behave in a trustworthy and transparent way with your most valued customers.

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Mr. Richard Anderson et al;

Shortly before the end of 2014, your published article in Sky Magazine stated that trust is one of the most important aspects of your airline's relationship with its customers. We couldn't agree more.  During the course of 2014, Delta made many announcements regarding the modifications being made to the SkyMiles program, as loyal Diamond Medallions we grumbled a bit at the proposed changes, but understood from a business perspective why the revenue based model was being implemented.  Since your article publication, however, a number of program 'enhancements' have been released in an untrustworthy manner; without any notification or communication to your most valuable customers.  Unfortunately, many times we find out about these changes only through the varied travel bloggers once they've noticed the changes. Changes include:

- Limited availability of Medallion complimentary upgrades: our ratio of upgraded flights has been severely degraded in recent months and often relegated to clearing at the gate on the date of the flight only, if we're lucky. The SkyMiles program has seen a significant devaluation in popular opinion, and now you are losing both our perceived value and trust in the program with such limited availability of our most valued benefit.

- Deeply discounted upgrade offers: the option to purchase deeply discounted upgrades at check-in is being offered to any flier, regardless of their status or loyalty.  In addition to contributing to our frustration in the point above, this action further proves that Delta no longer values its highest revenue and most loyal customers by putting our most valued benefit up for auction to the lowest bidder.  Is this trustworthiness at its best?

- Removal of the award charts: in removing these charts, Delta is telling us that your award pricing will no longer be transparent. Without transparency, how are we supposed to trust your pricing?

- Corporate decisions and behavior are in direct opposition to the great service provided by your in-flight crews daily: Each flight we take, we are reminded by your crew that they appreciate our loyalty and we appreciate their great service and hard work.  The decisions made by Corporate headquarters is directly eroding the value your front line employees have delivered to your customers and proving that not only does Delta not value our business but that we should in fact consider the many other carrier options that are available to us.

 In our growing frustration, many of us have taken the first two months of 2015 to begin exploring those alternate carrier options.  With the changes in the last month, many more of us are strongly considering or have already begun to follow suit. Some have written one-off notes to the customer service department receiving a mix of pro-forma responses and lackluster free-form responses all of which reinforce that you don't truly understand the damage you've done to the trusted relationships you once had with us.

We felt it critical to raise our concerns to your attention as a group so that you have an understanding of the impact these changes have had.  We would like to see these changes reversed.  In addition, we would like you to reinforce the value we contribute to your business and to begin earning our trust back by communicating with us honestly and transparently.  Doing so will ensure that your most valued and loyal customers remain such for many years to come.

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