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Fortis Hospital,Noida — Medical Negligence

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We need more stricter laws to deal with deaths due to Medical Negligence!!

Hospitals have become more of money minting units.

In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable.”If an owner of the restaurant can be sued for providing low quality of food then even a doctor can be sued for providing low quality of treatment and care.

No accountability. Nor any sense of responsibility, and hence the rip-off, with countless patients falling victim to the insatiable greed of private hospitals.

My father Mr. Jitendra Nath ....another Victim of Medical Negligence at Fortis Hospital,Noida !!

We don't want others to suffer the same fate as did my Father & eventually my family .

My father had a medical history of  BP ,Diabetes & had undergone a bypass surgery some 6 years back but was hale & hearty at the age of 72.He went to Fortis Hospital for Gall Bladder removal and was operated by Dr. Kapil Kochar on 12th of April and  got discharged on the 14th of April 2017 without any specific medical advice.

After 2 days, he again developed severe pain in his abdomen and had high fever. We took him to see Dr. Kochar again on 17th of April 2017.Dr. Kochar got him examined through a junior doctor who advised him to take Crocin saying that it was just a viral fever. However, the fever continued & his condition deteriorated even further.

We again took him to see Dr. Kochar on the 21st of April 2017. This time Dr. Kochar admitted him immediately & sounded an alarm bell and told us my father will have to undergo a major abdominal surgery for some infection.He was again operated on the 23rd of April 2017 and some 290 gm. pus was drained out. We were very shocked by this and asked the doctor as to why pus was formed in his body. But they brushed aside the queries made by us. Sensing that something must have gone wrong in the previous operation for removal of the gall bladder, we asked Dr. Kochar to provide us with the treatment papers, video recordings and operation notes of both operations but he refused to give us any document.

My father's  condition further worsened as the infection had spread throughout his body.We repeatedly asked Dr. Kochar and the management of the hospital as to reason for the infection but they did not explain us anything. They used to ignore our queries in a very unprofessional manner & would always ask us to refer other departments for clarity.

Ultimately my father breathed his last on the 03rd of May 2017 in Fortis Hospital. His untimely death was only because of the negligence shown in performing the operation by Dr. Kochar and no cooperation shown by the Management of Fortis Hospital.

After a severe operation of a patient, he is likely to get infected by many diseases because of certain reason which can include loss of blood, weakness, high dose of medicines. In due course a standard care is expected from the doctor to give premedication regarding certain infectious diseases. If a doctor fails to do so due to which a patient suffers from some infection which can cause a lot of harm or even death in adverse cases, the doctor is said to have committed medical negligence or malpractice.Please beware of this Doctor & the Hospital who couldn't even handle a minor Gall Bladder Surgery !!

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