No additional homes in Milpitas- need High School, Hospital, Park, Grocery stores

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I created this petition on behalf of those in Milpitas who are sick of our City Council ignoring our calls on halting the high density housing developments in Milpitas. Every time I see a unanimous decision, I ask myself, is anyone in the council representing what the people want, us taxpayers who work hard to earn our money and are paying their salary to speak and represent on behalf of the people? The answer is NO. 

Like most citizens and voters, I never paid attention to what was going on with the dealings at council meetings, I thought the people who I elected would represent what we all want for our city. But in the past two years, I noticed tons of high density housing developments popping up on Milpitas.

There are more developments coming that haven't applied to the city for approval but are currently in the process. 

These developments increase traffic throughout the city as you can see in the past couple of years how your errands take longer than usual. Not only do they bring traffic, but crime rate always increases. Eventually it will spiral down, increase in crime, increase in police, increase in taxes to pay for more police, and then lower home prices. I have seen it already, more homeless people have started to roam around the city more. 

List of pending Projects

They need to think about the PEOPLE who voted for them and put them into office NOT THE BUILDERS AND PEOPLE WITH POWER AND MONEY.   Build more schools, Parks, Hospitals, Grocery store.  We just have One High school ~ with 3400 students) and two Middle Schools.


The city needs better negotiators. Other cities throughout the bay have had better negotiators and negotiated that if they want to build, Stop unanimously approving every single development that goes through, think about us  and decide carefully!


Here is my message to all , be aware, be alert, and understand what is going on around you. If we keep ignoring, we will never be heard because they will never hear us. I advise all to attend council meetings whether what side you are on, attend, learn, and be knowledgeable about the things happening in your city. I know that sometimes we think, it can never make a difference, but if we come together as a force, we will make great change in this small city. There are recordings on the city website of meetings. These things are happening because no one attends the meetings to voice their opinions, this is why the city can get away with things like this.  Sign up for email alerts for agendas of meetings and read if there is any thing important.

Let's hope this petition will be our first step forward in making a difference!