AQUA NC ..... Stop gouging customers with unfair and self-indulgent rates.

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Every business out there that "cares" about their customers does their due diligence to stay competitive with their competitors and at least offer a comparable rate in the industry through several comparative market analysis' conducted periodically. Aqua NC insults their customer base with an unethical and unfair rate charged to the good people who are forced to use their service. And maybe that is why they don't have to "care" because the customer don't have another option and they know that- so they take advantage of us. Well, it's time for that to change.

As a homeowner, the company knows that we are forced to utilize them because they are the utility having jurisdiction for sewer. With no other options, they insult us by charging ridiculous rates that FAR exceed what the county charges. Were someone to be naive and unknowing, this could go on forever. An average home my size would use approximately $17.50 in sewer were I billed at the Union County Public Works Rate (The county owned and maintained water and sewer company). Factoring this in, that alludes that Aqua charges nearly four times what the sewer should be alone;

Aqua, it's leaders, board of directors and shareholders make a painstaking declaration that they position their profits and the desire to pad their pockets at a much higher priority than their customers. At our other home in Union County, 3 people residing in a home were billed a total of no more than $30.00 on a monthly basis for water and sewer together. At our new home still in Union County, our water comes in at $25.00 - leaving room for sewer, as always, except that the sewer bill is nearly approaching $70.00!

NC Utilities Commission needs to take all necessary steps to require Aqua North Carolina, Inc. to implement a fair and reasonable fee schedule determined by metered water usage which can be acquired from Union County Public Works. 

So that leaves room for a couple questions. Since we are charged a flat fee regardless of usage, then we are penalized for conserving water or consequently not rewarded? Aqua is concerned with attaching a HUGE lump sum to each and every home, regardless of the number of times our toilets are flushed. 

It's time to stop the mutiny. It is clear how people feel about aqua and the poor business practices, simply by typing Aqua America into Google. Aqua - stop this game. Focus more on people and not padding pockets. Charge us realistic rates, end this now. Otherwise, we can take this to the NCUC, the Attorney General, and anyone else who will listen. By developing a lower rate, people will be able to support what matter most, their families, not feeling like they need to flush their toilets 15 times an hour, just to justify their sewer bill. Your website says you are committed to "ensuring courteous and responsive service to customers..." now prove it!