Families' Concerns to be Addressed

Families' Concerns to be Addressed

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Mohammad Khadhrawi started this petition to RIAS Dammam Boys School: 6th Grade

Dear RAIS Administration,

We are the families of the sixth graders at your Dammam Boys School. During the previous semester of the current academic year, we have developed a number of common concerns. We need to meet with you and the sixth-grade faculty members to address these concerns. The goal of this request is to enhance the educational experience and outcome for all of us: the students, the school, and the families.

Please avail us of a two-hour evening session within the next week or two to discuss the following concerns:

1- Midterm results were not in line with the prior results of in-class tests and quizzes. We (faculty and parents) need to examine this situation to identify the causes of the mismatch and address them in time to avoid a repeat during this semester. These results have had negative psychological effects on the parents, which in turn affect the children and the whole family.

2- The students and parents need clearer feedback on the results of all tests to identify the mistakes of each student; these mistakes are great opportunities for learning enhancements.

3- We urge the faculty to provide closer grading practices of homework assignments to increase the frequency of the opportunities to learn from mistakes.

4- There is an apparent undue pressure from the Arabic classes (لغتي، الإسلاميات، الإجتماعيات). This is manifested in the tests that are usually scheduled on the same day in some instances.

5- The duration and schedule of the final exams were unduly exhausting. It is beneficial to schedule some of the exams (لغتي، الإسلاميات، الإجتماعيات) earlier and set the finals for a one-week period rather than two weeks.

6- Revisiting some of the school rules and updating them will be useful. For example, the dress code rules vis-à-vis hoodies. The health of some students suffered due to the enforcement of this rule. Some of the school concerns in this regard can be addressed without affecting the students. We heard from the school that some students use hoodies to hide headphones. Nowadays, wireless headphones are prevalent and can be hidden under regular hats too, which should not be banned too. We also heard that some older students (high school) use hoodies to sleep in class. We think that this case calls for more direct communication with the individual families -whose children engage in taking naps during class times- rather than instituting a school-wide ban.

7- Pearson Online Access: missing this access is a major disadvantage to our students. Some students lost their books due to having to move them back and forth between school and home, which presents a health issue due to the weight of the books.

8- It is more useful for weekly tests to be coordinated amongst the faculty members. For example, the Arabic and Islamic tests for the week of March 1, 2020. Additionally, squeezing four Islamic tests in one period presents an extremely stressful situation, which can be easily avoided by distributing them over more periods to help achieve longer-lasting learning.

9- Address the bullying (verbal and physical) behavior of some of the students; in some cases, our children have been subject to bullying by older students. Additionally, some students have brought up topics that are inappropriate for the students’ age. A school-wide effort is needed to overcome this problem.

We trust that RAIS has the same aspiration as the families i.e., providing our children with the longest-lasting educational outcomes in the most efficient and productive environment to prepare them to overcome the challenges of the future.

Please advise us of the proposed times for this crucial meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.

Families of the sixth Graders at RAIS Dammam Boys School

March 2, 2020

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