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RI Senate & Representatives: Pass a fair RI auto tint law.

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Rhode Island has one of the most restrictive automotive tint laws in the country allowing only 70% which is almost clear allowing 70% of light to pass through. In addition, tint tickets from law enforcement if under 70%, require a mandatory court date which requires time out of work to attend.

Ignorance may be no excuse, but many people getting pulled over weren't even aware that they were breaking a law, and are hardly criminals.  In addition, why not allow some tint for automobiles since most trucks/SUVs have factory tint that is well under 70%?

Such a strict law hurts citizens interested in investing in the benefits window film can provide:

-Adds crash safety from shattered glass.

-Reduces the sun's glare, helping prevent accidents due to excess glare.

-Blocks 99.9% of UV radiation which is important to prevent melanoma cancer to the skin and the eyes.
-Keeps vehicles more comfortable by reducing solar heat gain.
-Adds privacy for drivers, passengers and belongings.
-Reduces smash and grab theft.
-Helps protect interior upholstery from fading and leather seats from cracking.

-Eliminates the need for mounted shades, which can become dangerous projectiles in the case of an accident.

This law has also been devastating to local shops across the state. Why hurt Rhode Island businesses when customers can just go across the border or to a back alley to get a tint job done? 

All we want is a 35% limit, which is more in line with 46 other states which allow 35% or less! In my opinion 35% is dark enough to allow Rhode Islanders the full benefits of window film, but light enough that our police officers can feel safe.

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