Stop Glyphosate Spraying in all Public Areas

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It is well documented the harmful effects of Glyphosate and other herbicides to humans, wildlife and the insect world. 

It is quite distressing to drive pass or visit a public area where our families and pets play and someone from the council is spraying this toxic chemical. To make it worse, they sometimes spray in windy conditions. This is unacceptable! 


There is no need in today's world,  with other alternatives to be spraying toxic chemicals in and around public areas where our children and animals play. 

These harmful toxins end up in our water ways,  further poisoning our aquatic wild life.

There are available STEAM trucks and other equipment to safely eliminate weeds without the harmful effects which Glyphosate delivers.  

I would like to see the introduction of STEAM trucks as that which has been seen being used in other Perth suburbs.

Perhaps an increase of employment to the city with good old fashioned weed pulling.  �