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I walk my 2 Westies in fear everyday of them being attacked by dogs that are off their lead and not under control by their owners. Every day I see more and more dogs free and off their lead and hear constantly of the poor dogs that are under control being savaged and killed unnecessarily by dogs that are not under control.

My previous Westie was attacked several times by the same dog in the area that was let to run off its lead and left my Westie scared of her own shadow the worst two attacks having her thrown around like a rag dog and having her nose ripped off through her own garden gate.

Not only dogs are being attacked by dogs off a lead so are children and adults and although this has been identified by the government in 2012 by the then Defra Minister of State Jim Paice whom stated that Dangerous dogs and the people who fail to control them" were to " face a new clampdown in order to protect the public" I see no improvement or evidence to suggest this with dog attacks increasing every year! In the same statement made by Jim Paice he revealed that "Approximately 210,000 people a year are attacked by dogs in England alone, including 4,000 postal workers trying to deliver mail. There have been five fatal dog attacks in homes since 2007 - four of them on children - and hospital admissions for serious dog bites have more than doubled over the past decade" little has been done to bring dogs under control and dog attacks are increasing drastically with no real control methods in place preventing these attacks." (Gov.uk, 2017)

I am calling the Government and Defra to enforce stricter measures on owners that do not have their dogs under control and make it illegal for dogs to be walked off a lead and let loose to roam in unsecured areas. I am requesting that this is enforced by a more prominent presence of dog wardens and that there is measures in place to identify owners that do not comply in order to locate owners with the aim of fining irresponsible owners and enforcing criminal prosecutions to prolific offenders.

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