Stop tariffs on newsprint and uncoated paper

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One paper mill in Washington State, North Pacific Paper Company, has filed petitions with the U.S. government alleging Canadian uncoated paper is being subsidized or “dumped” into the United States.  They are claiming that this has putt unfair downward pressure on prices.  However, the majority of U.S. newsprint manufacturers, their customers, and even the American Forest and Paper Association oppose the petitions.

 In January the Department of Commerce assessed duties on Canadian paper that range from 4.4% to 9.9% with an average of 6.53%. And in March it imposed preliminary anti-dumping duties that range from 0 to 22.16%. This means that some Canadian imports of newsprint are now being assessed duties of up 32%, even though the investigation in this case is not concluded.

 The duties are reportedly already causing a price shock and a disruption in the marketplace. Opponents of the anti-dumping duties argue that newsprint tariffs will hurt, not help, the U.S. newsprint industry, asserting that printers and publishers cannot absorb increased costs and will cut production, print fewer pages, and shift more of their content and – subscribers – to digital platforms.

 Which we know means fewer jobs in the printing industry