Rename the Rhodes Arts Complex in Bishop's Stortford after someone less racist.

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The actions of the citizens of Bristol in ridding their city of its horrible blight of racist statues this week has been commendable and inspirational.
For many residents of Bishop’s Stortford, this begs the question - why is the preeminent arts complex in our town named after a man who was so racist that he literally inspired Adolf Hitler?

Cecil Rhodes was a horrible, murderous racist. Many of the problems of Southern Africa are almost solely due to his legacy. But still, in 2020, in our diverse and (hopefully) welcoming town, we have an arts complex that's named after him. Are we supposed to be proud of this man? What other reason is there to keep this name in place? A theatre isn’t a statue - there is no claim here to ‘preserving the past’. It spits in the face of any person of colour who has to enter that building. I’m not proud, I’m ashamed.

It’s just a name, and names can be changed. Name it after Greg James, or Glenn Hoddle or Russell-bloody-Brand. They’re from Stortford, and have all done more for the world than Rhodes.

Greg James hasn’t done much, but he’s done more good than Cecil Rhodes.