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Rhode Islanders Speak Out re: mandated sentences for crimes of murder: crime & criminals are not above the law

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2013 Petition, Alliance for Safe Communities “MURDER BY THE NUMBERS”

2013 Will most likely be notable for news media highlights of a broken criminal justice system in Rhode Island, which offers liberal early release dates for murderers. ( ).
In Rhode Island an individual charged with murder is eligible for their first parole hearing after serving only 1/3 of their sentence.  By the numbers a 30 year sentence to serve, given by a judge would allow a murderer to be reviewed for parole after only 7 years.  It is not uncommon and has become somewhat of a norm that we are seeing increasing numbers of murderers released in 15 years or less.

With the State of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Department of Corrections, "INTERSTATE COMPACT", it would not be highly unlikely that an inmate of this type of crime or worse could be transferred out of state. Rhode Island's lenient sentencing is capable of impacting states across the country.

Rhode Islander’s do not simply want, but, rather they demand “truth in sentencing” moving forward this year. The life taken in a murder is of more value than 15 years.  Given that Federal Guidelines allow for murderers to serve up to 85% of their sentence before their first parole review, and given Rhode Island reflects the weakest time served, only 1/3 or 25% before their first parole hearing in the North East, we demand change.

2014 Legislation will once again , as in 2013,  be introduced to give judges the longitude needed when handing down numerical sentences for murderers, through the follow through of a judges original sentence issued to serve.

Rhode Islanders demand a person convicted of murder serve 1/2 or 50% of their sentence before presenting themselves to a parole board at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.
“Thrill killers” such as Alfred Brissette who was given a 35 year sentence to serve, will not be released in only 13 years again.  (

Rhode Islander’s need to create the change they wish to see and be an upstander rather than a bystander.

These changes begin an era of true reform and true meaning to the concept , “ do the time for the crime”.

We respectfully thank you for your support in helping Rhode Island’s criminal justice system begin positive changes by signing this petition thus empowering judges to dictate “truth in sentencing” .

Executive Director Alliance for Safe Communities,
Carolyn Medeiros


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