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Rhode Island: Sexual Harassment is more than 'Disorderly Conduct'

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It's time to take a stand against harassment in Rhode Island.

Inspired by the powerful energy of the #metoo movement, we are asking the Rhode Island General Assembly to support a new Bill for precedent-setting legislation that will take down a large barrier for victims of harassment. It's time to put an accurate name to the crime. 

Currently, there is no law specific to sexual harassment outside of the workplace in Rhode Island. Provisions are made for schools, military, particular care facilities and children; however, it offers no strong legal protection for citizens on a daily basis. 

Harassment is only included under the 'Disorderly Conduct' legal statute. We, as a community of men and women, are saying that is not good enough - not anymore. Touching, intimidating, and imposing unwanted advances and instilling fear is not a vague offense, it's a deliberate act AND a crime. 

'Groping' is categorized as a second-degree sexual assault. It's a discouraging title that may prevent women and men who have been preyed upon from coming forward. Groping is also not inclusive of all types of unwanted physical contact that victims may not even realize they have the right to justice legally. 

Rhode Island General Assembly, we are asking you to work with us to create a new Bill enacting Sexual Harassment specific legislation during this upcoming legislative session. It is time to protect our citizens and remove the stigma. Harassment is NOT OK. It's NOT Disorderly Conduct. It's time to change. Thank you for your assistance on this important matter. 

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