Take a Stand Against Modern-Day Slavery

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unBUYnd is a grassroots, anti-human trafficking legislative campaign. We are a coalition of concerned citizens taking concrete action to buy out of systems that put profits before people.

We are calling on you to stand up for the rights of the workers that make our clothing, mine the metals in our smartphones and grow the beans for our coffee.
Rhode Islanders shouldn’t have to worry that the products they consume were made by unpaid workers in unethical conditions. 

We are calling on you to take concrete action to prohibit the import of goods produced with trafficked and other forms of coerced labor. Specifically, we are calling for on the RI General Assembly to pass the Fair Labor Everywhere Act, which would require large corporations to disclose the extent to which they:

1. Evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and slavery in their supply chain
2. Maintain internal accountability standards for contractors that fail to meet company standards regarding coerced and trafficked labor
3. Certify that materials incorporated into their products comply with laws regarding coerced and child labor of the country or countries in which they do business

This legislation must give the Attorney General and other authorities power to sanction and otherwise penalize corporations for violations of this statute.
This is our mission. This is our call.

Join the Movement.