Language Education Leadership for Rhode Island

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Currently, RIDE has only 1.4 positions supporting over 11,000 English Learners (ELs) and NO state-level support for the 36,000+ Dual/World Language Learners statewide and NO state standards for world language education.  

Please support the reinsertion of the Language Education Leadership position into RIDE´s FY2018 budget.

The Language Education Leader is key in leading the effort to assure that all RI graduates are bilingual, biliterate, and culturally competent and ready to enter the 21st Century global workplace. This position was endorsed by the various stakeholders who worked tirelessly to get it into the budget.

RI businesses, government service agencies, educators, and the RI public have clearly called for an expansion of proficiency-based language learning opportunities, as evident in the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Education.  This expansion is already happening, but what we lack is state-level coordination.

The proposed Language Education Leader would partner with our teacher preparation programs to create pathways to certification, lead professional development activities to assure for coordination across districts, establish partnerships with other nations to bring visiting teachers to our schools, and collaborate with other states that are leading dual language immersion initiatives. We need coordination of these efforts to grow these programs at scale - and avoid costly redundancies among these institutions.

Thank you for your support.