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My 96 year old Grandmother lived in Hopkinton, Rhode Island with her son. At some point, her son was incapable of taking care of his Mother, so the state of Rhode Island appointed a state appointed attorney as her legal guardian. My Grandmother had an estate that sits on 8 acres of land and was entrusted to her and her direct relatives complete with their full names and respective addresses which was listed at the Town Hall Probate Court. However, the state appointed attorney contacted an unrelated woman with the same name as my Grandmother’s daughter. This unrelated individual insisted that she was not the daughter of my Grandmother. The state appointed attorney took this information and deliberately mislead the courts, saying that this woman wanted nothing to do with my Grandmother.

On December 6th, Grandmother’s son was killed in a car accident in Connecticut. Walpole Police came to my front door and informed my family and I that he had been killed, and that my Grandmother was placed in a nursing home in Rhode Island.

A social worker from the Rhode Island Elder Services had informed us that my Grandmother suffered from severe dementia and psychosis and “might not remember usâ€Â. After visiting her, we learned that she showed no signs of dementia or psychosis. She then suffered a fall and was transported to Kent County Hospital, where I requested that she be held for a psychological evaluation for eight days. The hospital cleared her as mentally competent and was completely capable of making her own decisions.

After Grandmother was cleared, the state appointed attorney retaliated and placed harsh restrictions against us, forbidding us from taking her out of the nursing home and limited our visiting hours 8AM to 4PM.

One day during a visit at the West Shore Nursing Home, I found my Grandmother in a state of distress. The nursing home had informed me that they were treating her for allergies. Skeptical, I called 911 and the paramedics discovered that she was suffering from congestive heart failure. They took her back to Kent County Hospital, despite the fact that the state appointed attorney had placed a “Do Not Hospitalizeâ€Â order on her.

After her condition was stabilized, she was transferred to Pawtucket Skilled Nursing Home. While there, she suffered another cycle of congestive heart failure and insisted on going to the hospital. However, the “Do Not Hospitalizeâ€Â order was still in effect. I pleaded with the state appointed attorney to let her go to the hospital. After an hour of constant dialing, he reluctantly agreed. Again, my grandmother was in this state since 8:00 in the morning.

My Grandmother was taken to Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket, where I again requested psychological tests be conducted on Carmella. The findings were conclusive with Kent County Hospital and she was once again cleared of any mental disorders.

Upon returning returned to Pawtucket Skilled Nursing Home, however the state appointed attorney still claimed that she was incompetent and was incapable of making her own decisions. He mislead the Hoptinkon Probate Court again, saying that he was applying for administrator of the son’s portion of my Grandmother’s estate in Charlestown. He (the attorney) then went to the Charlestown Court and applied for administrator of the son’s estate for a wrongful death lawsuit, on the behalf of my Grandmother. He stated that my Grandmother was the only other heir to the estate. The attorney has falsified court paper work two separate occasions in two separate court houses.

The state appointed attorney has left my 96 year old grandmother for dead on several occasions. He used cunning and tactics and took advantage of several loopholes to to secure the estate all for his own financial gain. This man has blatantly ignored the fact that my Grandmother was a 96 year woman who simply wanted the comfort of her own family. She was a human being, and she was treated like refuse because of this attorney’s slimy backdoor politics. I am writing this to you in the hopes that this attorney is brought to justice for his unethical behavior and disturbing lack of morality. I hope that this story reaches you and this pathetic excuse for an attorney does not take advantage of another family in the same way that we were.Thisattorney has a wrongful death lawsuit against the insuance company he is trying to make a million dollars off of my uncles dealth this was his whole reason why he put a Do not hospitalize order on my grandmother the quicker she would pass away the more money he would profit off of this lawsuit lets put a stop to him so he cant do this to anyother elder or family again!!


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