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Keep Rhode Island in the eNLC (Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact)

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Nurses who travel from state to state to provide health care services to others in need should not be penalized by Rhode Island removing itself from the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)..  Instead, by remaining a part of the eNLC, Rhode Island would also receive services from other nurses who wish to work in Rhode Island, even if temporarily.  To remove Rhode Island from the eNLC on such short notice, will severely disrupt the lives of nurses who reside in Rhode Island but travel for nursing outside the state.  As a current traveling nurse, I pay taxes each year to each state I work in AND Rhode Island and stay up to date with all CEU requirements for all states, including Rhode Island.  Why does Rhode Island always insist on going backwards instead of forwards?  This act by the legislature of Rhode Island will have many nurses dog paddling to survive as it is difficult enough already to live in Rhode Island with the high cost of living.  Please consider remaining in the eNLC and bring the state up to requirements for the eNLC by the January 19, 2018 eNLC date.  



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