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Dr Reynold Macpherson: Repay $63,487.48 to Rotorua Residents and Ratepayers now!

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Dr Reynold Macpherson was 1 of 31 losing candidates at the Rotorua Lakes Council 2016 elections, however Dr Macpherson was the only candidate who refused to accept the results and took the council to court when he launched a petition to try and have the results declared void and a new election be ordered.

After only one day in court, Dr Macpherson withdrew his petition.

It was later revealed, after a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) Request, and intervention from the Ombudsman, that the council incurred legal fees of $63,487.48 to defend the petition launched by Dr Macpherson.

Dr Macpherson has been a long time critic of Rotorua Lakes Council, penning many, many,  manymanymany, many, many, manymany, (I could go on, but really, who has the time) letters and press releases being critical of council spending and debt, yet he has no qualms with forcing the council into seeking legal assistance to defend themselves against his baseless legal challenges.

At a Rotorua Lakes Council Operations and Monitoring meeting on June 7 2018, Councillor Charles Sturt suggested that the real cost to Rotorua Residents and Ratepayers incurred by Dr Macpherson's actions could be "nearly half-a-million" dollars.

Rotorua Lakes Council are currently compiling an itemised list to be provided to council on costs incurred to council by Dr Macpherson.

Dr Macpherson complained to the Office of the Auditor General about council spending $63,487.48 to defend themselves against his legal challenge. The Office of the Auditor-General "concluded it was reasonable for Rotorua Lakes Council to pay legal costs relating to a petition for inquiry lodged by Reynold Macpherson"

We, Residents and Ratepayers of Rotorua demand that Dr Reynold Macpherson repay $63,487.48 back to Rotorua now!

For if Dr Macphersosn accepted the 2016 election results, just like the other 30 candidates did, then this money could have instead been spent on footpaths, rural road seal extensions, new toilet blocks, Te Reo signs, put towards Upgrading Rotorua Skatepark or even retiring debt, instead of being spent legal fees for what right wing blogger and National Party pollster David Farrar described as "A nonsense local election petition".

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