Mask Mandate Petition

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WHEREAS, we the people of the City of Rexburg do not support mandatory face mask ordinances attached to a penalty for non-compliance.

This is an abuse of power on the part of the Rexburg City Council towards the liberty of the individual citizens of Rexburg and people who do business within the city.

We believe that it is the government's job to protect the individual and their liberty. We also recognize the importance of ensuring the general welfare and protecting the health of the community. With that said, mandating mask wearing should be based upon solid data and evidence, instead of fear. The rate of infections, and more importantly serious cases, in Rexburg is miniscule compared to other areas in the world. This needs to be a decision based upon geography, data, and science – not an overactive misguided decision to follow what bigger cities are doing because our situation is not appropriately comparable to those cities, locations, and populations. At the present time, we do not have enough data that suggests that mask wearing will be effective in our area. Moreover, at what cost are we doing this? When will these proposed restrictions end?

We believe the right approach is to encourage vertical interdiction, which means to segregate people by their risk. For those who are immunosuppressed or have other serious comorbidities or by virtue of being elderly are at the highest risk, we should use cautionary measures aimed at protecting them. Mask wearing is not the right option. Rather, it is to encourage those at risk to self-quarantine and encourage people to wear masks around those at risk. Meanwhile, the rest of society should be allowed to sort out how to do appropriate mitigation and make the best decisions for their own business so that they can go back to keeping the economy rolling and build herd immunity.

We support the liberty of businesses and property owners to enforce their own regulations for COVID prevention on their property or establishment.

Our view on liberty is not unequally yoked against anyone. Business may have their rules and we must follow them or be told to leave. If asked to leave, laws are already in place for trespassing.

The addition of yet another ordinance is not the solution that the Rexburg City Council should consider and come election time we will remember this.

End of petition.


Sign below if you oppose Rexburg City Council trying to enforce masks on our area with a fine. We the people of Rexburg believe a mask should be a choice we make to wear, not one that is enforced.

You can also make your voice heard by emailing or calling (208) 359-3020 to respectfully voice your opinion.