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Rex Reed, at the New York Observer: Apologize to actress Melissa McCarthy about your comments on her weight.

Rex Reed, in his recent critique of Melissa McCarthy's new movie 'Identity Thief', refers to Ms. McCarthy's body as a "female hippo" and "tractor-sized". In an American culture that suffers from weight extremes such as underweight anorexia nervosa to overweight emotional over-eating, comments such as these objectifying the value of a person based on their outer appearance only increases the problems and dysfunctional relationship with food that so many Americans face. By apologizing to Melissa McCarthy, Mr. Reed acknowledges that her body size does not dictate the quality of her acting (even if he thinks it's terrible), and further acknowledges that such comments in media contributes to the problem of focusing on exterior appearance rather than the quality of a person's virtues as a human being for all who read his reviews.

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