STOP "the bride"

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 Parents with only girl child or children suffer. Stop "kanyadaan". It's not religious and I am not Sita but your door to this world. This practice is all over the world immaterial of religion or area. Why should a bride moves to groom's home after marriage.

I am your daughter, your mother, your wife and I got to know that I am a second citizen in our country. I am an object with no feelings. My parents have magical powers and they don't need me. I need to come to your home and be a good maid. My nine months of sacrifice and pain is to have our baby your name on pancard. I can't question, it's against religion. There are "n" number  of things that is derogatory because we are females. Do you know the reason???  "Kanyadaan", it's all here .

Here's the process :- 1) earlier, it use to be a job where you earn per day and you can't take leaves. With women, menstrual cycle were the constraints to work outside as there were no pads etc. So, men did earning things and women did home stuffs. 2) not marrying in the same Gotra system started. As it was found that marrying the same genes for atleast 7-10 generation leads to various physical or mental disability. In agriculture and nomadic period, couples use to settle in a different home in the same village but due to Gotra thing they started marrying inter village. 3) The issue with the inter-village marriage was that no king or zamindar was ready to take an outsider for a fieldwork in his dynasty. So, place of work can't be changed but homes can be changed. That's why girls were made to relocate. 4) dahej were her portion in the property as it is tough to travel back in those days. 5) child marriages were correct for that system because it becomes tougher for an older person to change. So, girls were made relocated to her in-laws place as it will help her to grow as a kid in the same atmosphere where she has to spend her entire life. 6) gradually, this made demand for a boy child and hatred for a girl child. 7) Kings played it a political relationship with another kingdom. What big people or celebs do becomes a trend. 8) literature and films are majorly by men and have their point of views.

Now, things have changed and girl's moving to boy's home is injustice and derogatory. Stop kanyadaan or make Ghar Jamai a pride position for men. This will also contribute  to share the burden of marriage expenses equally.  (From house wives) Anyhow, you are out for work whole day and I am at home, so it's fine if I be with my mother. (From working women) when we are equivalent then why me always??? As a "girl" I can move to your home is no shame but you as a "boy" can't move to my home because it's a shame( told in literature and films). How does having a penis affect that?? It's an old practice???If you can't break the cliche of societal views, which you gave it a damn while drinking. Then, I need to have stop falling in love with you. But, I know you will understand. 

Solution, we both move to a separate house after our marriage and serve both parents in medical emergencies equally and full heartedly or should make single parent (yours or mine) live with us. Lets stop one sided biased practices in marriage. Stop kanyadaan. It's offensive. This will also help the men to set free themselves from being juggling between the parents and wifeMovement of an individual after marriage should be need, choice or condition based and not gender based. 

If we get 1,00,000 likes this can be taken to the parliament and will help all of us to have a balanced life.