Revoke Veteran's Affairs benefits for Christopher Garnier

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Christopher Garnier was found guilty of 2nd degree murder for murdering off duty police officer Catherine Campbell.  After murdering Catherine Campbell he disposed of her body in a green bin and dumped her under a bridge.  A murder he initially admitted to committing.

Christopher Garnier is not a veteran. His father was military police. Christopher Garnier still denies committing murder , however, he claims to have PTSD from murdering Catherine Campbell, OR, as he claims, it being Catherine Campbell's fault for making him kill her. His father, also claims to have PTSD from the murder they both deny Christopher committed. Here is where it gets more outrageous, Garnier father has Veterans Affairs pay for him to see a counsellor; but the kicker is that he claims his PTSD feels better if his kid (Christopher Garnier) gets Veterans Affairs has also been paying to send a private counsellor into the jail to counsel his murderer son for PTSD brought on by him being convicted of a murder he committed and tried to cover up!!! 

PLEASE, see this for what it actually is: MANIPULATION! Please sign this petition asking that Christopher Garnier's VA benefits be revoked, as they should be.

Veterans Affairs Canada will NOT pay for benefits for incarcerated relatives of veterans in the wake of the Christopher Garnier case, however, they have NOT included him.  Christopher Garnier should be the FIRST to lose his benefits.