Revoke the visa of Tejasvi Surya an MP from India's BJP party- a hate monger

Revoke the visa of Tejasvi Surya an MP from India's BJP party- a hate monger

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Started by Syed Ahmed


I reach out for to all Australians and Indian Diaspora to assist/inform/seek guidance on a contentious politician  and a hate monger, ‘Tejasvi Surya’ visit to Australia.

The AIYD (Australia India Youth Dialogue) has organized a conference from 31 May to 4 June 2022 in Melbourne and Sydney and one of the cohort members attending is Tejasvi Surya from India.

AIYD has also mislead/misused it's supporting partners which includes government agencies and prestigious Universities of Australia. It's not acceptable to invite a fascist MP on government agencies expense and reputation.

We are asking the following organisations, universities and departments to disassociate/stop aiding AIYD immediately:

Global Vic

Deakin University

University of Sydney

TCS and many more

I along with others – Strictly oppose and have concerns about his visit and wanted to highlight some of the communal, anti-social statement and actions carried out by him which possibly does not make him eligible for a Visa on the grounds of meeting Character requirements.

Tejasvi Surya has multiple criminal cases against him in India.



c)            MAGISTRATE COURT, BANGALORE - CNR Number: KABC03-011455-2020


2.            Tejasvi Surya’s disrespectful 2015 tweet targeting a particular community 'Arab women'

3.            Tejasvi Surya's in one of his tweets in 2015 linking Terrorism to Islam

4.            Tejasvi Surya made communal statements/remarks on the subject of  'Hindu Revival in Bharat' asking estranged Hindus, who have embraced other religions, must be brought back to the Hindu religion. "There is no other way than ensuring the 'Ghar wapsi' of Hindus who have converted to Islam and Christianity."
In Karnataka's Belagavi, Hindutva Threats and Violence Are Now Part of Christians' Daily Lives (

5.            Muslim staff targeted by Tejasvi Surya raid

These are only a few incidents that I have highlighted, the internet has a lot more stories to say where he glorifies Hinduism, promotes violence, encourages hate against ethnic and religious minorities  and promotes islamophobia

I request all to approach the Department of Home Affairs to confirm if he truly meets the criteria of Character requirements for a Visit Visa as I gather there are criminal cases against Tejasvi Surya; his party’s ideology is RSS which has been involved in Delhi communal riots where 49 people died and many more incidents.

Set Yearly Targets to Bring Back Converted Hindus Into Fold, Says Tejasvi Surya (

As such I request you all to sign this petition which will be forwarded to DFAT, to evaluate as his visit to the conference will pose danger to the Australian community and does not represent the values of equality and tolerance of our Country.

Finally – you could see the growing comments of threat and hate against  Muslims/other minorities at Australia India Youth Dialogue on social media from the followers of  Tejasvi Surya.

7,519 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!