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Revoke the veterinary license of Dr. Lance Bogoslavsky for animal cruelty

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My friend Rebecca Ann took her dog to the vet who subjected her dog to torture! Here is her story:
From Rebecca, the pet owner --june 21 i took my puppy rascal to the vet clinic in sherwood the clinics name is Animal hospital and clinic of sherwood..this is what exactly happened. We went for his yearly shots. It was me and my little cousin who i was babysitting that day that took rascal. We went into the waiting room and we immediately were put into the room for his check up my male maltese shitzu who is three years old got weighed in at 15.9 pounds, I then picked him up and placed him on the table and waited for Doctor Bogovalksy AKA DR. B to come in and get started. Not even 5 minutes passed and Dr. B came in and did his usual greeting with rascal and at this time the people that where in the room were me my cousin rascal and Dr. B. He started off with his checking of the Temp, checking of the stool, and then went on too his yearly shots, all during this time Rascal did not squirm, yelp, bark, cry, move or anything he just sat there and let him do what he needed to be done, next thing I know the vet tech comes in and this is where it all started first off they placed rascal on his back and the vet tech had my puppies paws up by his head and was holding him down and Dr. B had his two bottom paws held and stretch out and started to clip his nails, yeah rascal kinda barked a little bit but didn't move much so Dr. B got down with the bottom paws however he then moved rascal to were his bottom was facing me however i couldn't see his face. Dr. B then started clipping his two front paws well rascal tried squirming free however they weren't letting him go and thats when he started to cry a cry i have never heard rascal cry and it was to the point he started using the restroom on himself (peeing and pooping) my little cousin grabbed on to me and told me he needed to leave he didn't want to be in the room, he started to cry and i told him to go wait in the waiting room i asked Dr. B if he was okay and i was like he is peeing and pooping on himself he never does that, He replied yeah he is fine ill just have to clean him up, he then picked rascal up and took him out of the room to where i couldn't see him or hear him and he was gone for almost ten minutes..when he brought rascal back his whole face was covered in blood and his nose was bleeding, i asked Dr. B what happened and he said he must have hit his face when he was freaking out, but i stopped the bleeding however if it continues to bleed it is from ticks and he will need to be returned to get checked for tick disease. at this time rascal had ran and jumped on the bench right beside me and when i looked down at him thats when i realized his eye, i asked him why his eye looked like that and Dr. B didn't say a word he just stood there…and i said well what happened to his eye to be like that, it looks like it is out of socket..He then said i guess he must have hit his eye..i honestly don't know.. but you were sitting there the whole time even tried changing the subject talking about how he has bad nose bleeds and then had the audacity to say i didn't do it so you can't blame it on me…then he handed me my bill and left the room..when i got to the front desk the vet tech said well next time you bring rascal in he is going to be put in a mussel cause he was to aggressive for us to handle…i then paid my $86…so i am putting these pictures up so i can spread the word and let people know what they did to my dog… cause i don't want another animal to go through what my baby had to go through! so please share and spread the word and thank you to everyone who has supported me through sorry for the confusion but this is word for word of what happened!

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