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Sean Lynde has changed his name to Sean MacKenzie, and is violating the terms of his release. He is an escalating danger to humans, animals, and society.

Letter to
Judge New York State Supreme Court Honorable Michael Obus
New York State Court Attorney Daniel Rosen
New York State Court Attorney Michelle Parisien
Please revoke Sean Lynde's (who changed his name to Sean MacKenzie) release and plea deal.

I am deeply concerned about the case of Sean Lynde (aka Sean MacKenzie or "MacKenzie"), a Manhattan man who is back in the news after cyber-harassing new victims, attempting to extort NYC based startup company 20@ LLC ("TwentyAt"), and earlier methodically killing ex-girlfriend Rachael Strate's four young cats. Cyber-harassment, animal torture and murder are serious crimes that demand your utmost deliberation.

You may recall that in October 2008, Mackenzie allegedly poisoned Cleo, whose body was found with a mouthful of detergent behind a dryer. He bludgeoned Zoe so severely, a veterinarian euthanized her. Reports indicate Strate next adopted kittens Willie and Betty. Within a month, Willie was fatally crippled and MacKenzie claims Betty "fell off a countertop" to her death. After Strate brought home two more kittens, one named Emo vanished and Bonafide turned up with a broken neck.

MacKenzie seemingly derives pleasure from prolonged suffering as further evidenced by past charges for crippling a kitten and instigating a sixth cat's disappearance.

Violence against animals is a well-documented precursor to violence against humans. Indeed, MacKenzie already vented rage on Strate in March when he reportedly smashed her Apple Macbook. As you are well aware, he subsequently stalked her and violated a court order to stay away from her. He posted a picture of her on Craigslist along with an ad soliciting sex, and aimed numerous menacing, offensive and false online posts about her as psychological torture.

In January 2012, MacKenzie began a new wave of cyber-harassment against NYC-based startup TwentyAt, targeting not just the company, but the founders personally as well. MacKenzie has claimed sole responsibility for putting up hundreds of online attacks and posts, plaguing sites such as Yelp (under accounts of fake restaurants), Twitter and Tumblr. He has chose to use his graphic design skills to photo-shop offensive images of the founders personally on sites like Flickr, Pinterest, and others.

Repeat attacks suggest a predatory style that is a sign of "organized and premeditated violence against others," says Dr. Randall Lockwood, an animal behaviorist with ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Initiatives who consults with cruelty investigators, law enforcers and mental health professionals.

Prolific murderers such as the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy practiced on animals before graduating to humans. Dennis Rader, notorious for the Bind-Torture-Kill murders in Wichita, Kansas, confessed to strangling cats and dogs before his sadistic spree. Men prosecuted for animal cruelty are five times as likely to be arrested for other violent crimes, claims Utah State University professor Frank Ascione.

I implore New York courts to recognize the gravity of this individual's danger to society. Sean MacKenzie needs rehabilitation and incarceration. Please do not enable another sociopath to be created in our society.

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