Revoke Destructive Clinton, MA Chicken Regulations! Assault on Property/Voter Rights!

Revoke Destructive Clinton, MA Chicken Regulations! Assault on Property/Voter Rights!

September 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by A​.​T. Martin

The Voters of Clinton, Ma have had their will and voices silenced in an open and aggressive oppression of the citizen's rights to keep poultry as they have done for decades.

In 2017, the citizens of Clinton overwhelmingly determined that NO REGULATIONS would impede their rights to enjoy their homes and their property.

But... unconstitutional and dangerous attacks on the property rights of citizens is increasing at an alarming rate - across the towns in MA.

Our ancestors farmed small homesteads and fought overseas to preserve the RIGHTS of our citizens. They did not fight for our rights to be taken away. 


Yet...the town officials have crushed our vote, delivered taxation without representation and have aggressively trespassed and violated innocent and law-abiding citizens rights to happiness and the use of their homes.

Are we to pay taxes and live under the yokes of oppression and fear? What other rights will be seized?


We pay taxes for freedom NOT to be enslaved by tyrannical action.


We will be setting up a petition to revoke the current Chicken Regulations in the town. The regulations were unlawfully and (knowingly) discreetly forced through with zero townsfolk knowledge, and against the will and vote of the townsfolk.

The Town of Sandwich BoH held a well-publicized and open meeting for its citizens to weigh in on town-wide decisions. They were swiftly and immediately told that NO chicken-keeping restrictions will be allowed in Sandwich. The PEOPLE WON!

Clinton has already done this (Town Meeting 2017) - listening to the vote of the town. But our BoH has willfully driven over the voice and vote of the citizens of Clinton, harassed and intimidated its citizens, brought victims of their abuse of power to venomous criminal (yes, criminal) court hearings, coerced through intimidation the removal of property, trampled our property rights and seriously impeded on Clinton citizens' constitutional right to pursue their way of life.

These regulations impede the enjoyment of our rights, violate property rights and the lawful voice of the citizenry. Keeping chickens and other poultry is NOT a health issue and no Board of Health has the legal ability to randomly overreach their power and impose openly biased restrictions on its citizens.

As we all know, allowing any town office or board to trample the voice of its citizens is a very dangerous situation. And yet this is happening at an alarming rate across the state.

STAND UP for your rights...or continue to lose them.

Secure your rights to enjoy your property and to maintain the historical importance of the town...and to make Clinton an icon to save the rights of citizens across Massachusetts.

No city or town has the right to override the vote of the taxpayers and no town has the right to seize or forcibly intimidate and threaten you to relinquish your lawful property.

The taxpayers of Clinton voted in the Town Meeting if 2017 (link in comments) to allow poultry to be continuously kept, as it has always been, in the town of Clinton.

We uphold the small holding agriculture that makes MA towns unique and quaint. These small holdings promote community, neighborhood cohesion, provide local food and contribute to the beauty and heritage of our state.
All intrusions and special interests (open and aggressive abuses of power/personal interest) to deny us our right to use and enjoy our property will be lawfully challenged by the taxpayers of the Town of Clinton.

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Signatures: 157Next Goal: 200
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