Revoke Ban On PUBG Mobile

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Disclaimer - If at all no bans have been issued, please do not ignore this message and it is my humble request that you read it and convey our point of not having any bans in the future too, to various state governments in India. 

Recently there have been confirmed reports that various governments throughout India are issuing an order requesting schools to ban PUBG MOBILE in their campus. Moreover there are universities banning the game itself in the campus as well as hostel premises..(following the masses that's the only thing they can do)

I agree with the fact that it MAY be a distraction from studies, but then aren't activities like indoor games, outdoor games, mobile phones, social media, eating food, having bath or as a matter of fact even sleeping a distraction from studies too?? (Note: I have nothing against any of the above activities, they were just used as an example and all of them are perfect to take part in).

Practically they are, but logically - NO, you need to have other things in life to do/need to do apart from just scoring in exams.

I haven't seen/heard any news stating - "Student commits suicide for not getting a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER in Pubg mobile". But I have DEFINITELY seen news which says - "Students commit suicide after failing in exam/getting low percentage in exams."

Of course anything in excess is harmful in life, but imposing bans doesn’t offer solutions. As the the owner of the YouTube channel GaMe LoVeRS also said- “the government must hold campaigns which are compelling enough for students to invoke self control”.

Note: If the orders issued by the Government were a fake by some 3rd party organizations, I would still appreciate if you sign this petition so that the concerned authorities in our country understand our perspective.

To Sum Up - While PUBG mobile may be perceived as a distraction, it is not really a factor spooling lives and careers! There can be, and should be a more progressive, realistic and open minded approach by the government to strike a balance, while also addressing other issues in society which may be disturbing the lives and mindset of students ( including and excessively lopsided and unfair evaluation pattern in the education system!)

Educate youngsters and help them achieve a balance in life and let people who want to make a career in gaming make their choices with dignity & pride.

With due respect,

From an Indian Citizen/Student /Gamer. 

To, The Government of India.