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Please Review the Decision of Unpublishing Globbing's Facebook Page

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Our page has been unpublished on 01.12.16. As a result of hard work Globbing LLC had 120.000+ followers on the unpublished page. They were real customers who liked the page via Facebook tools solely for the interest in Globbing LLC’s services.

Globbing LLC has never had any intention of misleading people to liking its page; neither has it promoted any other material than its own services. Globbing LLC’s posts, ads and any other actions taken on the page have been in accordance with Facebook Guidelines.

Thus Globbing LLC is confused as to why the page has been unpublished.
The page was a great communication tool for our 120.000+ followers who liked the page to follow latest news, hottest deals and find answers to question that arose when using our services. 120.000+ customers lost chance to follow deals, news and many more opportunities  Facebook insights

We consider it possible that the reason for this has been the non-professional attitude of Globbing LLC’s competitors. We base this suspicion on the fact that they have reported Globbing LLC’s page with fake accounts and have blocked and marked as spam for several times.

Thus we assume that the page was unpublished due to complaints from Globbing LLC’s competitors. If this was the case we ask to take into consideration the facts mentioned above and to review the decision of unpublishing Globbing LLC’s page.

Representatives of the Armenian branch have tried to contact Facebook with all possible methods, including official appeal within two months, but haven’t got any proper answer so far.

Thus, I kindly request you to review and change your decision of unpublishing Globbing LLC’s page: /https://www.facebook.com/GlobbingArmenia/

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