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Review case and allow Michael Arellano to return home

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Mike is a 62 year old man who was born in Mexico. At age 6, he moved to the U.S. with his family, with a green card. He was married to his first wife for approximately 19 years, and has two adult children. He married his last wife shortly after, and had two children with her. During the last marriage they started having marital issues that led to her filing false assault charges. He was told by the D.A. that he should plea no contest, and not to worry. Being he did not have the funds to fight the false charge, he followed the advice.
Mike was not guilty of the charges, but was told that he would be in jail for a minimum of one year, and would have to hire an attorney. He was thinking of his children and could not be unemployed. They were in the process of getting a divorce, when Mike went to a friend's wedding, and had too much to drink. He was arrested for DWI, and Immigrations now charged him with a felony for the two domestic charges. The court decided he should be deported.
Mike appealed the decision, and within a couple of months was awarded another green card, good for 11 years. He was led to believe that he was granted the appeal, and even the Attorney (who was not an Immigration attorney) believed so too. Eleven (ELEVEN!) years later he was arrested at work and deported. He had no other trouble with the law since the divorce, and none prior to his last marriage. His ex-wife has even tried to tell the courts that he actually never touched her, that she in fact slapped her own face to get him arrested! He was arrested on 14 Oct 2009, and deported the very next day.
Mike has now been living in complete fear in Mexico for two and a half years, speaks very little Spanish, and has no chance for employment there. He lives in fear while going thru the process of hopefully getting a chance to return to Texas. He has no family in Mexico and cannot trust anyone there due to the violence that is running rampant in Mexico. We are begging for people to sign this petition so that Mike can return to the only country he has ever known We thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of this petition. Please get as many of your family, friends, and co-workers to come aboard and sign this. 

Janet Napolitano (703) 235-0854

Director of ICE: John Morton (202) 732-3000

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