Reverse the law forcing NJ residents to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.

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On May 29, 2018, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law legislation* which authorizes the Treasury Department to collect penalties from residents who pay income taxes but do not have health insurance.  Penalties, in the form of a tax, are scheduled to begin 01/01/19 and are set at 2.5% of an individual's or family's income or $695 per adult and $347 per child, whichever is GREATER.

This tax is punitive to all residents of New Jersey. However it is extremely harsh to the most vulnerable.  In its first year, revenue from this penalty is expected to extract about $100 million from those most unlikely to afford insurance. It forces residents to buy a defective product (health insurance) or pay a penalty. 

Health insurance is not health care.  

Further this tax is Unconstitutional. New Jersey's State Constitution, which reinforces the basic rights found in the US Constitution, states in Article 1, Rights and Privileges, paragraph 1 that "all persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty."

According to Article 1, paragraph 2 of the State Constitution, "all political power is inherent in the people."  Our government, which is instituted for the benefit of the people and not health insurance industries, "have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it."

The public good requires that this recent law be changed. Therefore the below signed New Jersey residents oppose the Individual Mandate (A-3380/S1877) as enacted by Governor Murphy in May 2018 and, in order to protect the liberties of the residents of New Jersey, call for its immediate repeal.

*The Individual Mandate (A-3380/S1877), the New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act.