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Reverse the decision to change school start times in Putnam County Schools for 2017-2018.

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As most of you know, the Putnam County School Board has made the decision to change start times of our schools without asking for input from parents.

The earlier start times for Elementary school students would create an unnecessary financial hardship for parents due to extra child care expenses as well as increased safety issues due to the time at which these young children would need to be at the bus stop. It also makes for an extremely long day for the kids in after school programs because most parents do not get off work until 5pm and the earlier start times have them up earlier therefore extending their day.

The later start times for Middle and especially High School students would mean having to choose between extracurricular activities and after school jobs because they will not have time for both. As we all know colleges look at extracurricular participation as deciding factors in admissions. For alot of these kids after school jobs are their only income as their parents can not afford the extra expenses. Is it really fair to make them choose? Also how are these later start times helping prepare them for the workforce? What jobs that, in all reality most of these kids will be forced into enter after graduation, start at 9?  There are also many students who watch their younger siblings after school helping reduce the money parents need to put towards childcare. There are many other reasons to stop this change. These are just a few. 

 I urge everyone of you to sign and then share this Petition to show that we as parents are united in wanting our voices heard, that we disapprove of the change in school start times and want the decision reversed and that we are appalled that we were not asked for input before these changes were approved. 

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