Reverse the Conestoga GRT Universal Transit Pass Referendum

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Between Monday, September 24, and Monday, October 1st A poorly advertised vote was held by email for full-time Conestoga students. This vote would allow full-time students to receive a bus pass as part of their tuition at the cost of $137 per semester. ($274 a year)

approximately 3,000 students use the GRT system and increasing yearly (according to Conestoga Student Inc). The school has over 13,000 full-time students also increasing yearly (according to their website). So, the 76% of full-time students are paying for the other 23% transit pass. It's very interesting that the large portion of students would blindly pay more for their tuition without putting up a fight. This is equivalent to 137 Tim Horton’s double-doubles a year, or one Fitbit Charge 3 smartwatch a year, or about 1096 chicken nuggets from McDonald's a year. This is a large portion of money a year coming out of hard-working students’ pockets.

13,000 * $137≈$1,781,000. 

approximately 1.7 million a semester or 3.5million a year will be taken from students.

Current students who pay for parking ($502/ year) will not be compensated at all and must continue to pay the additional tuition fee with no way of opting out of this fee. Their total cost would go up to $776 a year spent on nothing that benefits them whatsoever.

This vote was a weak one and that is putting it lightly. It was so poorly advertised that only 25% of students vote at all. (email)  On that note itself, it should have been nulled for the fact that only 23% of the student body takes public transit. It seems very strange that on a vote worth so much money passed overnight and most of the student population wasn’t notified and still isn’t. A letter was not set to their houses, teachers were not told to tell their students, advertisements were not placed well enough for others to see. Emails were sent only using the Conestoga email so if the student doesn’t use that email account then they would not know about this. We sing “God keep our land glorious and free” Freedom has a price and it's not $274 a year.


Thank you for your time and don't let this vote be the only one.