Reverse President Biden's Executive Order on Afghanistan's frozen Assets #گام‎‎

Reverse President Biden's Executive Order on Afghanistan's frozen Assets #گام‎‎

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On behalf of the #ENDAFGHANSTARVATION Campaign, we are asking everyone to support and sign this petition regarding President Biden's executive order on Friday February 11th, 2022 to divide and reallocate Afghanistan's central bank assets and funds. This is an unprecedented attack on the economic future of Afghanistan, its people, and their personal monies. This decision was unnecessary and haste in a time where over 90% of the population is suffering from malnourishment, starvation, and unfair economic sanctions on the citizens of Afghanistan. We are urging everyone to sign this petition against this executive order. We need everyone's help to reverse horrific decision that will cripple Afghanistan's economy for decades to come. Join us in support of #GAAM "Give Afghans Access to their Money." #EndAfghanHeist #گام‎‎

February 11th, 2022
                    Attention: President of the United States of America                     House of Representatives

The Senate of the United States of America

US Federal Reserve 

Rina Amiri - US Special Envoy 

Thomas West- US Special Representative for Afghanistan

Afghan American Diaspora

The #EndAfghanStarvation campaign, organized by Afghan Americans and supported by global partners, denounces the Biden Administration’s decision to split Afghanistan’s national assets and frozen funds between 911 families and international aid organizations. This decision will exacerbate the crisis faced by the citizens of Afghanistan. Currently, 31 million people are suffering from starvation, while one million children under the age of five are at risk of dying from malnourishment and famine. The United Nations projects that Afghanistan will approach a “near universal” poverty rate of 97% in the next few months.

This is a message on behalf of the Afghan American diaspora to the President of the United States. We, Americans, have a responsibility to be the shining light of hope for the rest of the world. As the world’s wealthiest nation, we have a moral obligation to help people in need, to ease their burdens, not increase them. We are deeply concerned by the callous behavior of our  government towards the people of Afghanistan and the long-term economic and political implications of this decision.

While we sympathize with 911 families and believe they should be fully compensated for the pain they have experienced, we also want to clarify that the Afghan people were not involved in the 911 attacks. We urge our fellow Americans to reconsider the decision to seize the reserves of a nation that is undergoing a humanitarian crisis. We do not believe that this decision reflects the spirit of the United States and we must consider other means to fully compensate every family that has been impacted by the tragedy of 911.

The decision to transfer half of Afghanistan’s reserves to international aid organizations is also unacceptable and will destroy what is left of the nation’s economy. The collection of privately-owned and public funds must be transferred to the country’s central bank to stabilize the economy. We want to clarify that this money does not belong to the Taliban or pay for government services. Rather, it is intended to safeguard the financial system. The decision to direct half of these funds to aid groups reverses many of the gains the United States worked so hard to achieve. We spent 20 years building up the Afghan Central bank to be used as the prime mechanism for economic exchange for free Afghan enterprise only to have dismantled it and left it in a state of permanent paralysis.

We call on our government to return the frozen reserves of Afghanistan to the people of Afghanistan. The Afghan American diaspora comprises of tax paying citizens and registered voters who believe in the American dream. We are appalled by the behavior of this President and his level of animosity towards the long-suffering people of Afghanistan. The United States has a duty to rescind this decision against the national assets of Afghanistan before the banking sector in Afghanistan and the Afghani currency is destroyed–-leading to mass starvation, mass migration, and insecurity. We should be supporting decisions that save lives in Afghanistan and not diminish their hopes of a normal life. Afghans are now suffering at an unprecedented level.  We must do more to rectify this humanitarian crisis and reverse these counterproductive policies enacted by the Biden Administration.

We urge President Biden to “Give Afghans Access to their Money.” #GAAM #گام‎‎ 
The #EndAfghanStarvation Campaign 2022.
The #EndAfghanStarvation CORE Team.
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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!