Reverse Harmful Parking Restrictions Imposed on California Lakepointe Residents

Reverse Harmful Parking Restrictions Imposed on California Lakepointe Residents

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The Board and Community Association Management

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Started by Ritesh Panjabi

The parking regulations being enforced by the board and the HOA have caused a great deal of inconvenience and embarrassment to the residents and their guests during the holidays. We objected to these unilateral changes to the original CCR in the HOA meeting a few months ago.

As long as residents and their guests were able to get 10 day passes; residents were able to live with it. Recently parking was limited to 72 consecutive hours and a total of 168 hours a month. The HOA is in effect limiting the number of guests a resident can have in a month. The number of guests and how often they come over is none of the business of the HOA. Additionally asking for email and phone numbers of guests etc. is a violation of the privacy of the residents and their guests.

Street parking outside the community doesn't have the capacity to meet our parking requirements and is unsafe as compared to parking within the community.

Recently, residents have been informed that the board is planning to charge residents and by extension their guests for certain parking permits. This is completely unacceptable as it further restricts the residents ability to meet family and friends.

Furthermore, The parking spots are supposed be to marked as guest spots as per city regulations. They have been marked as permit only which may be a violation.

The overly restrictive parking rules create unsafe conditions for residents and their guests; especially after dark. This is a liability for all involved. The 72 hour and 168 hour limit has to be suspended immediately.

We request the board and the HOA to reverse the recent parking restrictions and do not add any fees or charges to parking requests or permits.

We hope the board and HOA will add parking to the list of topics for the next meeting and that this matter can be resolved quickly and amicably. 

63 have signed. Let’s get to 100!