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Deny the License for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Revere!

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Revere Opposes A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Dear Revere City Councilors,

I am deeply concerned about the proposed medical marijuana treatment center seeking a special permit from you. I have signed a petition to tell you that I am not neutral on this issue, and to ask that you deny the petition on the grounds that the community does not support the required letter of non-opposition and neutrality on this topic. For Revere, this isn’t about how people feel about medical marijuana in general, but more about the issues involved in putting a medical marijuana treatment center here, right now, given the many other health issues we face as a city. The following is a summary of our concerns, with more details here.

  1. Issues with the proposal: The company officers seeking the permit are from outside of Revere, so they may not consider our needs as it does not affect their homes or families. Additionally, unlike the dispensary in Salem, they wish to grow marijuana on-site in a 39,200 sq. ft. growing area, which greatly increases the likelihood of impacts summarized below.
  2. Impact on youth: Prevention science states that teens are more likely to use a substance if they do not perceive any harm. We do not need to send mixed signals to our youth and increase access to marijuana. We also know that as of 2013 over 1 in 4 of Revere High students had reported using marijuana in the past 30 days.

Feedback from the community and comments from law enforcement across the country also provide things to consider:

  1. Impact on community: Over 84% of Revere respondents to a Quality of Life survey stated that substance abuse is the most pressing concern in the city. Combined with the local opiate crisis and a growing community of people in recovery as well, it makes no sense to complicate matters further.
  2. Potential for crime: Marijuana dispensaries are “cash and carry” businesses with two lucrative commodities—cash and marijuana—which makes it a potential for crimes such as robbery, breaking and entering, internal and external theft, and marijuana diversion.  

I am writing to let you know that I am not “neutral,” but rather am opposed to the placement of a medical marijuana dispensary in Revere. If it is passed, I alternatively propose that part of the profits go towards an educational campaign to prevent Revere’s youth from using marijuana, as well as laws and increased enforcement to prevent the potential criminal activity.

Thank you for your time and your service to our community.

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