Don't introduce GST on sub $400 imports.

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Revenue Minister Stuart Nash wants to introduce GST on sub $400 imports as soon as possible, regardless of whether it's economical to do so and what negative impact this may have on goods availability to New Zealand.

We say the government should be supporting taxpayers who are struggling against an ever rising cost of living due to over taxation and regulation.

It's no wonder retailers are struggling when they face continuous increases in compliance costs through over zealous health and safety programs, excessive council regulation and ever increasing employment and HR requirements. 

Getting the taxpayer to prop up a retail environment that the Government has made untenable is completely unacceptable. Doing it in such a way that our taxpayer money could be wasted through inefficient collection means and at the risk of having online retailers no longer ship to NZ is even worse.

We call on you Stuart Nash and your Government to show some leadership and stop bowing to retail lobby groups and serve the people as a whole. Additionally, we call for an end to trying to solve every problem with increased taxation and regulation.

The people who voted you in are making themselves heard loud and clear in the comments sections accompanying every media article on this subject. Why are you not listening to those you work for?