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Allow home businesses in residential homes.

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Our forefathers came to America for economic freedoms and liberties. Many of us do not need jobs created, we just need to be allowed to function in our skill-sets and dreams. Our neighborhoods are becoming more violent to live and walk in. Home businesses provide awarwness and a buffer zone. We deal with industrial toxins and their traffic and noise at all hours of the day. An elderly grandma cannot even sell her handknits from home. A disabled veteran life further spiral down without this dignity and basic right. Disabled lose their homes or utilities, and have no way to make money to pay their medical bills or premiums. The current system is backward and unAmerican. Even in Africa the single mothers can sell their wares from home or vend on their streets. Vendors are charged excessive prices and have to get permission from land owners while having to transport large equipment on a daily basis. With mass foreclosures, many would never be able to afford double rents for a store. An artist can only teach, but not sell their arts. These county laws in many states discriminate and tyranize. Huge percents in NYC survive from selling their wares. This NY state and international state of mind and function needs to be reimplemanted across America. All levels of authorities from local to nationwide need to recognize their role in enabling this blatant inequality that forces mass society to be dependent on big business to survive. We are not stupid. We can create our own jobs. We want to be able to walk on our streets safely and be able to buy local products and local, healthier food. We want to hear musicians play and watch dancers and gymnasts. We want our streets to be alive and lively. We want to be able to have access for help if danger occurs, versus long stretches of darkness, crime, no bathrooms, or phones. We want our children to have local business mentors versus running rampant on our streets. We want traffic that does not speed or drive recklessly putting our pedestrians of all ages at risk. We want to be able to sit on a bench and people watch. We want to be comfortable and enjoy our neighborhoods. We want big husinees and gov to realize basic economics 101 does not cut out the self-proprietors. They also need to realize that this promotes tourism, boosts the economy, provides multi-level solutions to most societal issues, and that we have a right to exist and it serves them also in a more efficient money-saving manner. We want them to realize that their vocational agencies have already wasted mass money, do not provide needs, and have already shown how much the CEOS are milking money vs serving the accurate needs of their clientelle. We want private rights as citizens and human beings to be aware and function with each of our unique life-given skills and attributes. We want to tailor our vocations to work with our needs, our families, and our communities. We want the real rights of Americanism in dignity and ease and logical cost-efective efficiencies.

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