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Every single day we read a lot about the problems of using plastic, resulting directly as well as indirectly. Instead of focusing on the types of problems I would like to turn your attention to what small fraction of total problem we can control by taking a tiny step.

There is a lot of stuff published in this regard all over the internet.

I just announced one day to the students of my class to give me the used pens they have. Next morning, I was handed over about 25 pens.  Then I asked them the frequency of buying such pens. On an average they buy 5-6 pens a month . If 1,00,000 such students can be convinced for reusing plastic pens by buying and using refills, we can save at least plastic required for manufacturing at least 3,00,000 plastic pens a month. Just multiply this figure with 12 for annual that equals to 36,00,000 pens. I have already considered the plastic required for refills while making this guess .

So, I appeal to all the teachers , students and other users of pens around the world, to stop buying and using Use and Throw plastic pens. It can make a big difference by reducing the use of plastic. Please! buy refills for use in pens.

Manufacturers of pens must also use their creativity to manufacture pens using recycled paper, wood, metal etc. to manufacture pens that would be long lasting and would work well with refills only. That would be economical and eco-friendly.

Together we can do a lot. Please! Join hands to fight the problem of plastic. Say No to Use  & Throw plastic pens.