Reunite binational Malaysians couples and families

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In its efforts to control the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia continues to categorise family and partner visits under non-essential travel. As a result, binational couples and families have been separated for almost half a year now. To this date, thousands of families and couples are still very much in the dark as to when they will be able to reunite. With many MCO restrictions lifted and a very low number of Covid-19 cases within Malaysia, this strict categorisation has become hard to justify, especially given the significant social and psychological repercussions on families. 

Being with your partner is essential in a pandemic. People are suffering from being unable to physically be there for their partner during this difficult and stressful time. Engaged couples have had to postpone their wedding several times without any idea when they can finally be together. Others are missing valuable months with their (young) children that they will never be able to get back. This is inhumane and unfair.

We understand the need to protect the population from Covid-19. We are happy that Malaysia has done a great job at protecting the population and keeping the Covid-19 cases very low. However, we feel that with the right measurements in place, it is possible for us to see our loved ones without endangering others. We are willing to go into quarantine for however long it takes. We are willing to get tested as many times as it takes. We are not tourists. We do not wish to travel and sightsee. We have one destination: being with our loved ones in a safe environment.

We would like to ask the Malaysian government to please consider:

-   Allowing Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to leave the country to visit their spouse and (young) children abroad as long as they promise to comply with all the safety measures (quarantine etc) upon return.

-   Allowing spouses and (young) children of Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to enter Malaysia even if they don’t have a residence permit (yet) as long as they comply with all the safety measures.

-   Allowing unmarried couples to meet by permitting Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to leave the country to travel to their partner abroad or for their partners to enter Malaysia, for the purpose of visiting or getting married, as long as they provide proof that they are in a durable relationship and as long as all comply with the safety measures upon entering or returning to Malaysia.

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