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Reunite Bertha Aracely Cifuentes Ordonez with her family; Grant her prosecutorial discretion

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Bertha Aracely Cifuentes Ordonez (A#206225446) is the mother of two U.S. citizen children (ages 2 and 4) and the daughter and sister of legal residents. In 2011, the executive branch of the government issued a memorandum stating that prosecutorial discretion should be granted for low priority immigration cases-- individuals with family ties in the U.S., who have no criminal record, and who are contributing members of their communities. Bertha meets all of these requirements; she has been granted political asylum, but is required to pay more than $7000 to be able to return to her family. This amount of money will cause an immense burden on her mother, who is currently in need of a high-cost surgery to remove a mass in her stomach. Bertha should be granted prosecutorial discretion, released without bond, and reunited with her family.

Bertha's mother and siblings came to the United States from Guatemala in 1990, after being granted political asylym, and are now residents of the U.S. Bertha joined them in 2000 to help care for her grandparents, who were very ill, and to also provide for her two sons (now 13 and 15) who continue living with their father in Guatemala. Bertha had two more children while living in the Riverside, California, and works hard to provide for her children.

This year, Bertha traveled to Guatemala to visit her other sons. Although she was given permission to work in the U.S., her current immigration status does not allow her to travel. Her only option was to cross the border and make the journey to her sons through any means possible. On her way back to the U.S., she was found at the Texas-Mexico border and has been detained by ICE in San Antonio, Texas-- miles away from her other two children who are now staying with their grandmother in Arizona.

Now, Bertha's mother Maria is asking for your help to reunite her daughter with her children and family. Her children have been severely affected by their mother's absence-- they cry themselves to sleep at night, refuse to eat, and are in constant confusion and fear. Maria is in desperate need of a surgery that she cannot obtain while in care of the children; furthermore, she is in no situation to pay the $7000 bond to have her daughter released from detention. Finally, Bertha herself is suffering from cysts on her stomach and is also in need of medical attention, and possibly a costly procedure.

Bertha clearly qualifies for prosecutorial discretion. Please help to relieve her family of the unneccessary financial and emotional burden that they currently face.

Along with signing the petition, please make a call to the Field Office Director at:
(210) 967-7056

Example script:

I am calling on behalf of Bertha Aracely Cifuentes Ordonez and her family to ask that you grant her prosecutorial discretion. Bertha has two children who are U.S. citizens, and a mother and siblings who are legal residents. She has no criminal record and has been living in the U.S. for more than 10 years. Although she has been granted political asylum, the financial burden of paying a $7000 bond for her release is unbearable for her family. Both she and her mother have medical conditions that require costly procedures, and they are working hard to provide for their families. Please relieve her family of these emotional and financial burdens, grant Bertha prosecutorial discretion, and allow her to return to her family without bond.

Thank you.


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